Many times job satisfaction isn’t just in a paycheck. Since turnover is very expensive, creating an environment where individuals feel safe and have the tools they need for success is crucial to keeping an employee long-term.

Below is an article from that describes how the Las Vegas Police Department is finding increased job satisfaction by having access to body cameras. After reading the article give us a call at SpendBridge so we can assist you in our partnership with Government to implement a procurement and accounts payable process to best meet your needs.

Source: | Re-Post SpendBridge 2/19/2018

Body cameras are quickly becoming commonplace on police officers. Buoyed by the Justice Department’s decision to allocate more than $23 million in funding for bodycam implementation, nearly one-third of the 18,000 state and local police departments in the U.S. have adopted the technology, according to TIME. They hope the tech can increase accountability and help to de-escalate situations.

But even as body cameras rapidly enter into the realm of public safety, their impact is largely unknown. Several police departments are still struggling to manage the storage needs for mountains of video data. Meanwhile, some studies, such as one from Washington, D.C.’s The Lab @ DC data science team, which evaluates civic initiatives in the district, have suggested that bodycams could have a minimal — or even nonexistent — impact on reducing violence.

A recently released study from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, however, has provided a ray of light for the tech. The study shows that bodycams are having a positive impact on policing in the city, reports StateScoop.

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