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Customer Story: Community Health Systems

We recently sat down to talk with Steve Bell, VP of Supply Chain at Community Health Systems to capture his insights on the business impact he’s seeing from their SpendBridge implementation.

First we talked with Steve about what factors drove Community’s decision to use SpendBridge and how widespread the implementation is. He shared a variety of things, but one highlight was the simple SpendBridge shopping experience that was so well received by end users that they demanded to use the solution. Watch this interview segment for more.


3 Things On A Supply Chain Managers’ 2017 Resolution List

After reviewing what took place in 2016 and looking forward to things that you want to improve in 2017, there are 3 strategic areas where Supply Managers should place their focus. The article below from inventory-and-supplychain-blog.com explains how to plan for a successful 2017. Enjoy the article and contact us so we can help you make 2017 a year to remember.

Source: inventory-and-supplychain-blog.com | Re-Post SpendBridge 1/13/2017

2017 is finally here! It’s time for us to look back on the past year and remember our highs and our lows. January is the month of resolutions; what do we want to achieve in the coming year and how will we do it? For many of us, resolutions are easy to make, but also easy to break. Each year the same goals come to mind, but what if one year we actually stuck to them and achieve what we have longed for, actually going to the gym or sticking to an insanely healthy diet. We always want to improve ourselves at the beginning of the year and make it our year to shine. (more…)

The Changing Face Of Supply Chain Management

As data and analytics technology has led to improvements in dozens of other industries, it is being evident that Supply Chain Management can also benefit from technology improvements. The article below from smartdatacollective.com explains how raw data and analytics are changing the way businesses work. Enjoy the information and let us know how we can help you improve your data analysis.

Source: smartdatacollective.com | Re-Post SpendBridge 1/13/2017

Over the past three to five years, growth in big data and analytics technology has led to improvements in dozens of other industries. In terms of supply chain management, there’s a lot of noise regarding the promise new technologies have for changing how organizations do business forever.

The Role of Big Data and Analytics

When you study supply chain management, it becomes very clear that this is a field where big data and analytics can have a really positive and evident impact. Anytime you can tap into raw data and shape that information into powerful insights that can be used to enhance, improve, or speed up processes and tasks, you have a recipe for success. (more…)

2017 Is The Year For Supply Chain Transformation

As companies are setting goals for 2017, using technology within Supply Chain Management is at the top of the list. As companies reap the benefits of Supply Chain Management, more and more companies are looking at the technology that assists in providing these benefits. In the article below from Forbes.com, the data supports the momentum in using Supply Chain Management hand-in-hand with technology to find cost savings in various types of businesses.

Source: forbes.com | Re-Post SpendBridge 1/11/2017

Procurement Leaders recently surveyed our community of procurement executives in which we asked about their plans to reform their functions. In one of the most surprising findings of the research was that 82% of procurement organizations were currently undergoing a transformation.

This is an enormous number. The last time we conducted such a survey, we found that only a third of businesses were transforming their supply chain management functions. This proportion has jumped dramatically. (more…)

Five Supply Chain Predictions For 2017

As businesses continue to seek out ways to lower costs and increase profits, Supply Chain Management continues to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing environment. As laws and regulations change so must businesses in order to be efficient. In the article below from forbes.com, it explains why many companies are setting Supply Chain Management goals in 2017 that are different than before. Enjoy the article and please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Source: forbes.com | Re-Post SpendBridge 1/11/2017

Because it’s no fun pondering the obvious, I focused my “Supply Chain Predictions for 2017” on insights from experts provoked with the statement, “tell me something I don’t already know.” So, with that spirit in mind, here are my top 5 supply chain and procurement predictions for 2017:

The supply chain will go bimodal.

How do organizations maintain processes and strategies that effectively manage the demands of today’s supply chain, while simultaneously innovating, via the integration of disruptive technologies? Say hello to the bimodal supply chain. We’ve entered an era where traditional ideas surrounding “balance” may soon be discarded as suboptimal. (more…)