Contracts & contract compliance

Maximize savings by tying contracts to purchasing in real-time.

With SpendBridge Contracts, capture key contract details and contract documents in one centralized system while managing team member access. Users can store and retrieve contract documents including certificates and attachments, involve other users, set milestones and reminders to optimize the contract lifecycle. Real-time checks of purchase orders and invoices are made against contracts to verify accuracy of pricing before an invoice is paid.

With SpendBridge Contracts you will:

  • Capture all contract details and documents in one centralized system with role-based access control

  • Receive automated notifications for time-sensitive tasks like contract renewals and spend obligations

  • Proactively manage contracts for maximum negotiated value

  • Automatically check vendor purchase order prices against contract before purchase

  • Tie non-PO invoices to contracts to track all contract related spend

  • Route contracts and supporting documents through workflow approval

  • Increase contract spend visibility including measuring on vs off contract spend and many other KPI’s

Build a culture of efficiency with SpendBridge, a single spend-management software suite.  Transform your source-to-pay ecosystem by streamlining contracts, purchase orders, budgets, invoices, spend analytics and more.