Forms Management

Automate and manage all of your internal forms in one place.

With SpendBridge Forms Management, build custom templates to digitize internal forms based upon your unique requirements. Each form can have its own custom workflow with e-mail approvals to allow forms to be reviewed and approved easily from any location without logging into a system. Forms can be diverted to additional users to add comments. All steps of the form approval process are documented and auditable.

With SpendBridge Forms Management you will:

  • Streamline regulatory compliance forms, making documentation more convenient for staff

  • Remove “the chase” for in-person or e-mail updates, saving delays and administrative costs

  • Create forms for public, private or invitation-only (all forms can be deployed by user role)

  • Reduce paper and manual processes

  • Use existing templates or create custom forms to match existing paper forms for easy user adoption

  • Pre-populate form information based upon individual requesters’ credentials

  • Reuse previous forms to leverage historical data

  • Simplify and streamline approval processes including use of attachments

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