Manage and track internal stock items and assets

With SpendBridge Inventory, fully optimize warehouse and stockroom operations. Manage multiple warehouses across the organization including stock held by vendors. Manage both physical assets and stock items in one place. Check assets in and out of inventory and track asset condition to identify needed replacements.

With SpendBridge Inventory you will:

  • A single, web-based interface for inventory and asset management

  • Quickly pick, pack and ship or receive products

  • Reduced costs through better management inventory stocking levels

  • Supports an unlimited number of warehouses/stockrooms

  • Low stock notifications, automated reorder points, reorder quantity, lead demand all help you optimize operations

  • Unlimited fields and configurability, as your needs change we can too

  • Keep track of all your assets in-stock or in-use

  • Robust reporting

Build a culture of efficiency with SpendBridge, a single spend-management software suite.  Transform your source-to-pay ecosystem by streamlining contracts, purchase orders, budgets, invoices, spend analytics and more.