Outsource A/P and Procurement

Let us do the work

With SpendBridge outsourced A/P and procurement upon completing our advisory work, you may choose to use our Outsourced Services team to  implement and manage the recommendations to gain a quicker return on investment with fewer FTE’s. Depending on your need, resources can be provided on a fractional basis to supplement current staff or on a full-time basis providing leadership as well as implementation capabilities and daily procurement and accounts payable functions.

With SpendBridge Outsourced A/P and Procurement you will:

  • Reduce overall costs associated with A/P and procurement

  • Easily complement existing staff with additional resources

  • Reduce/reallocate internal FTE’s to more productive tasks

  • Increase focus on core business activities

  • Provide strategic leadership

  • Leverage best practices

Build a culture of efficiency with SpendBridge, a single spend-management software suite.  Transform your source-to-pay ecosystem by streamlining contracts, purchase orders, budgets, invoices, spend analytics and more.