Despite challenges in healthcare such as declining budgets and reduced patient count, many healthcare facilities are shifting to value-based care and aligning processes with the quality-driven, cost-conscious trends in healthcare. This is allowing healthcare facilities to be successful despite these changes.

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Source: | Re-Post SpendBridge 11/13/2017

Rural hospitals are in crisis, facing demographic changes, declining inpatient volumes and reduced federal support. Since 2010, 80 rural hospitals have closed and 673 are at risk of closing — 210 at “extreme risk,” according to iVantage Health Analytics.  Economic pressures have caused populations to decline, leaving a smaller patient base and less revenue. Those who remain are often elderly and uninsured.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, in his fiscal year 2018 budget proposal, is calling for massive cuts to Medicaid funding amounting to $627 billion over a decade, a potentially lethal hit for rural hospitals with large low-income populations. The Affordable Care Act has already reduced Medicare reimbursement and subsidies for the uninsured.

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