Our intuitive spend-management solution is the choice for integrated spend management throughout your organization.

SpendBridge: The single spend-management software suite

The source-to-pay landscape is fundamentally changing, as manual processes are being transformed with new technology-based tools. These tools require less overhead, improved controls and faster processes, enabling organizations to do more with fewer resources. This optimizes their strategic sourcing strategies. Competitive organizations are embracing this change with high adoption rates.

The SpendBridge Software Suite brings a refreshing new solution to spend management. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture helps organizations realize this transformation through a flexible, quick-to-implement solution. The SpendBridge Software Suite brings a cohesive platform for acquiring all the goods and services to run an organization and pay suppliers accurately and on time.

Spend management advisory services

Need help with your procurement strategy? SpendBridge’s Advisory Services team adds value to organizations regardless of size or industry. Let us tailor a savings program to where you are currently operating and the procurement goals you’d like to achieve. We understand the multitude of decisions that go into creating hard-dollar savings, including operational costs, and welcome the opportunity to make strategic procurement a reality for your organization.


It’s simple and effective.

SpendBridge facilitates function between existing ERP investments by centralizing all products under one process.


It’s easy, quick and accurate.

SpendBridge inspires compliance across all locations by helping people save time.


You have complete visibility.

SpendBridge unifies all systems, producing actionable spend analysis and accurate budget information.

Build a culture of efficiency with SpendBridge, a single spend-management software suite.  Transform your source-to-pay ecosystem by streamlining contracts, purchase orders, budgets, invoices, spend analytics and more.