SpendBridge e-Marketplace

Immediate savings from national suppliers

More effectively manage your low dollar high transaction purchases. With our e-Marketplace, you can take advantage of pre-negotiated contracts that can immediately drive savings to your bottom line. Combine your current suppliers with our e-Marketplace vendors to maximize your savings potential. Optimize to the low-cost item between vendors or within a single vendor. Lots of small savings add up to big savings for your organization.

With SpendBridge e-Marketplace you will:

  • Pre-negotiated rates leveraging the group’s volume

  • Publically sourced agreements

  • Negotiated market baskets to optimize guided purchasing

  • Quick and easy on-boarding based upon existing vendor relationships

  • Pre-configured electronic invoicing to automate and streamline payables

  • Flexible payment terms and early pay discount opportunities

Build a culture of efficiency with SpendBridge, a single spend-management software suite.  Transform your source-to-pay ecosystem by streamlining contracts, purchase orders, budgets, invoices, spend analytics and more.