SpendBridge saved 31% on supplemental curriculum licensing fees.


A $500 million public school district with 5,000 employees, 30,000+ students and more than 70 buildings.


It is typical for schools within a single district to choose the same supplemental materials. Since traditional licensing options are volume-based, those schools needing fewer licenses were paying more per license even though they were within the same district as a larger school using the same software.


By evaluating the license count, spend and need, we negotiated district-wide contract pricing. This approach provided more licenses for fewer dollars. And, it gave teachers a choice for the supplementary curriculum.


The district saved 31% on licensing fees and increased the number of licenses available for teachers. This gave teachers CHOICES and the district CONTROL over pricing and contract value.

About SpendBridge

We guide your district through a strategic sourcing process that absolutely maximizes the value of all your purchasing processes. Our team analyzes your current contracts, staff, and technologies to identify and fill gaps, creating optimal functioning. There are many strategic procurement deals that can’t always be managed by an inside team. Consider SpendBridge your partner in building a culture of efficiency.

About the Author: Tom Jackson

I love problem-solving. Seeing the joy when clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars that they can now use to fix a budget gap or invest in the classroom is what gets me out of bed every morning. I also love working from home with my steady assistant, Milo the dog.
By Published On: February 21st, 2022Categories: Case Studies, K-121 min read

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