As healthcare costs rise, missed appointments become more expensive for hospitals to absorb. To assist patients in making their appointments, hospitals and doctor’s offices are looking for ways to assist patients in meeting their appointments. Additionally, this benefits the patient for consistency in their treatment.

Below is an article from that describes a creative way hospitals are making it easier for patients to avoid missing their appointments. After reading the article, give us a call at SpendBridge so we can partner with you implement creative cost-saving solutions in your Accounts Payable and Procurement departments within your organization.

Source: | Re-Post SpendBridge 3/7/2018

The ride-sharing company Uber is launching a new service that will allow hospitals and doctors to book rides for their patients.

The new Uber Health dashboard, which has been tested by a beta group of about 100 hospitals and doctors’ offices since July, will allow medical and administrative staff to either call an Uber to the office to drive a specific patient home, or to dispatch an Uber to the patient’s house, with the option to schedule it up to 30 days in advance. The patient need not have the Uber app or even a working smartphone: The dashboard comes with a printable sheet allowing a doctor to circle the incoming Uber’s car color and write down the license plate.

With the dashboard, the drivers would see the patient’s name and phone number. The patient would get a text when their car arrived; if they have the regular Uber app, it would not be billed.

The new tools are compliant with HIPAA, the medical-privacy law, the company says. Uber Health’s data is “cordoned off” from the rest of Uber’s data, and only a handful of employees are given access, says Jay Holley, the head of partnerships at Uber Health.

Citing studies, the company says missed doctors’ appointments cost the health-care system $150 billion each year, and that 3.6 million Americans miss or delay appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation.

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