Finding the best way to distribute your message to the right people can be challenging. Colleges and Universities are finding that they need to focus on techniques such as open educational resources, improving to the student experience, using digital marketing and finding a more effective use of data analytics to locate the right students for their institution.

Below is an article from that details how UMUC was able to implement some strategic initiatives to turn around the decline in their enrollment to record enrollment. After reading the article, give us a call at SpendBridge so we can help you implement strategies to better manage your procurement and accounts payable needs.

Source: | Re-Post SpendBridge 2/19/2018

The University of Maryland University College, one of the oldest distance education providers, was created after World War II with a mission to educate veterans and those in active service. The university stationed faculty members at military bases overseas, and ran correspondence programs, before becoming an early adopter of online learning. Serving the military, UMUC says, is “in its DNA.”

In recent years, however, holding on to those military students has been difficult. Military drawdown, particularly overseas, combined with increased competition from other online providers, has created a challenging climate.

In 2014, the university told Inside Higher Ed that if it couldn’t increase enrollment by 5 to 7 percent per year, it would be forced to raise its tuition. The university’s worldwide enrollment had shrunk to its lowest level since 2006. Additionally, enrollments from students based in Asia and Europe declined rapidly as the U.S. military downsized its presence abroad. UMUC recognized a need to change to survive, but how to achieve this without departing from its mission to provide affordable education to military service members, as well as local Maryland residents and working adults nationally, was unclear.

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